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Jukebox Hire Christchurch
We have professional Disco Speakers supplied with all Jukeboxes,
so you will have the full sound of a Disco… but it's a Jukebox.
They can cater to small garages through to large halls with ease. You have volume control.

Lights: included in price
Coloured lights for the dance floor area and/or a mirror ball effect on the ceiling.
T-Bar of lights, 1 x Laser light, 4 x Projector lights.
(Light patterns around the room)

Jukebox 2000 carries over 9 days of music, back to back, without repeating a song.
Our Jukeboxes have the latest releases but also carry all the classics,
eg: Timewarp, Footloose, The Gambler, Sweet Caroline, Oh Mickey, Y.M.C.A,
Hooked On A Feeling and more to cater to everybody's taste and age.

There are NO gaps between songs: Your guests will be encouraged to dance more.
The Songs Don't Skip: You can dance in front of the Jukebox without it skipping or jumping.
No Double Up Feature: You are not going to hear the same song 5 times in a row.
Random Select: The Jukebox will play random songs when no song has been selected.

Easy To Use: Type 4 numbers to select your song and it automatically puts it into the playlist.
Extra Bonus: 2 Song books for your guests to select their favorite songs from their table.

$240 (delivered in Christchurch city area) extra for out of town.

Only if requested at time of booking, a microphone for speeches. Extra $20.00
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